We offer Swank for our teachers - this service gives you access to full-length feature films and documentaries that line up well with a high school curriculum. To access the films, use the following information:

  • Username: the first part of your HW email address (ex: edarling)
  • Password: Welcome1 (Please change this password once you log in for the first time)

*If you joined HW after 2020, your initial password is W0lver1ne!

Requesting Titles

The main collection includes 200 films. If the title you're looking for isn't available, look for the REQUEST button. We'll get a notification from Swank to add it to the collection. We will approve your title, and most are available within 48 hours.

Sharing with Students

To share a title with students for viewing on their own schedule, select the direct link and share it with them.

Use either the LMS link or the Direct Link.

Both will require that you share a generic student user name and password in your messages/syllabi or on the Hub.

U/N: HWSStudent

P/W: Student1

share links

Direct Link can be put into an email or into a syllabus.

How can I embed a Swank movie in my Hub course?

A movie can be embedded anywhere in Hub using the HTML feature. Use these instructions to set up the LMS link.

 1.  Decide what course module you want the movie to be in.

2.  Create a Page or choose an existing Page 

3.  Look for the View option and toggle to HTML.


4.  In another browser tab, sign in to Swank (Links to an external site.).

5.  Follow the prompts to sign in with your HW credentials at Swank

6.  Navigate to the movie you want to share with your students

7.  Click "Copy LMS Link" to have the link copied to your clipboard

8.  Navigate back to the browser tab where you have the Hub open

9.  Paste the HTML link into the HTML editor

10.  Change the setting under View to Full Screen.

 11. Include under the link the generic user name and password for all students:

              U/N: HWSStudent

               P/W: Student1

12. Save or Save & Publish