The Kutler Center Scholar in Residence program brings noted scholars and intellectuals to the Kutler Center to share their knowledge and expertise with our entire community.  The residency will be for two and a half days.

Scholars will be chosen for their ability to represent interdisciplinary thinking and approaches to understanding the world. Scholars will represent the diversity of thought and approach that permeates academia. By introducing our student body to such noted scholars and thinkers, it is our hope that they will recognize the importance of interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to learning, advancing knowledge and scholarship as well as solving the world's problems. Current and past scholars include:

2023-2024: James Basker, Literary Historian. Interests include abolitionist writers and black writers of the founding era.

2022-2023: Andrea Ghez, Astrophysicist. Interests include observational astrophysics and blackholes, scientific communication, and representation in STEM particularly women in STEM.

2021-2022: Kimberly West-Faulcon, Constitutional Law Scholar. Interests include all aspects of constitutional law, equal protection, standardized testing, and college admissions.

2020-2021: Stephanie Batiste '90, Black Studies Scholar. Interests include U.S and African American Literature and Culture, Race and Racism, Black Performance Studies, American Studies, History, and Cultural Studies.

2019-2020: Adam Werbach '91, Environmental Entrepreneur. Interests include: sustainability, climate change, technology, entrepreneurship, and public policy. To see a recording of Adam Werbach '91 in conversation with Jake Levine '02, view this video.

2018-2019: Juliette Kayyem '87, National Security Expert. Interests include: national security, emergency preparedness, government policy, and journalism.

2017-2018:  Lucy Jones, Geologist. Interests include earthquakes, emergency preparedness, and governmental policy around science, natural disasters, and preparedness.

2016-2017:  Josh Kun '89, Cultural Historian. Interests include the arts and politics of cultural connection with a special emphasis on the music of Los Angeles, the cultures of the US-Mexico border, and Jewish-American musical history.

2015-2016:  Daniel Holt, Pianist, Composer. Interests include music history, twentieth century cultural history, power dynamics in East/West exchanges, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

2014-2015:  Peter Bouckaert, Director Emergencies for Human Rights Watch. Interests include documentary film making, social justice, politics, economics and history.