Harvard-Westlake's approach to leadership and entrepreneurship is a testament to our commitment to nurturing future leaders who not only envision change but possess the skills, adaptability, and cultural awareness needed to turn those visions into impactful change in their communities. 

At the heart of our program lies the conviction that every student has a path and purpose. Our program creates a unique opportunity for students to authentically explore their “why.” On their journey students will encounter tough choices, real challenges and the failure that often come with entrepreneurial efforts, but they will also cultivate a stronger sense of self, purpose, happiness and the ability to lead. Our students are guided to not merely identify problems but to become architects of solutions that resonate with authenticity and efficacy.

Central to this ethos is the cultivation of empathy—a skill paramount for successfully and directly influencing communities. Harvard-Westlake recognizes that impactful change necessitates a nuanced understanding of community dynamics. Thus, our program instills in students the acumen to discern whether a solution warrants a for-profit venture, a non-profit initiative, or an enhancement to an existing good or service.

Our program is not just an educational endeavor; it is a transformative experience that propels students toward a future where they not only lead but inspire positive change across a spectrum of communities.