Educational opportunities at Harvard-Westlake extend well beyond our campus.  Each year, faculty-led travel programs introduce students to cultures around the world and deepen their understanding of global issues. Recent programs have included language immersion, cultural exchange, performance opportunities, and student conferences. Programs are promoted throughout the year by the faculty organizers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jim Patterson, Director of the Kutler Center.


March 2023: Study Trip to Ecuador. Led by Sephora Escarpeta-Garcia
March 2023: Jazz Band Tour of Italy. Led by Chris Sullivan
March 2023: Art Field Study: Italy. Led by Conor Thompson
June 2023: El Camino Experience. Led by Andrew Brabbée
June 2023: WW2 and Eastern Europe. Led by George Gaskin


Harvard-Westlake is excited to offer these programs again in 2021-2022. Please contact the leader of a particular trip to learn more.

March 2022: Francophone Culture and Language Immersion Trip. Led by Heath Wagerman
March 2022: Jazz Band Tour of Eastern Europe. Led by Chris Sullivan
April 2022: Italia, Latin Department Spring Break Trip. Let by Mercedes Barletta
une 2022: El Camino Experience, Spain. Led by Andrew Brabbée
une 2022: World War II and the Western Front. Let by George Gaskin


Due to the continued coronavirus outbreak, Harvard-Westlake does not have scheduled any international faculty-led travel for 2020-2021. As soon as it is safe to travel, Harvard-Westlake plans to resume these international opportunities. 

2019-2020 Faculty-Led Global Travel Opportunities

July 2019: Teaching English in Luoyang, China. Led by Jim Patterson
July 2019: HWGo! Cuba: A Digital Storytelling Adventure. Led by
Jesse Chehak

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Harvard-Westlake was unable to offer any faculty-led global travel opportunities in the spring and summer of 2020.


July 2018: HWGo! Guatemala: A Digital Storytelling Adventure. Led by Cheri Gaulke
July 2018: WLSA Student Summer Conference 2018. Led by Jim Patterson
November 2019: HWGo! US-Mexico Border: A Digital Storytelling Adventure. Led by Cheri Gaulke
March 2019: Chamber Singers, Wolverine Chorus, and Bel Canto Chorus Italy Tour. Led by Zanaida Robles
March 2019: Francophone Culture and Language Immersion Trip. Led by Heath Wagerman
March 2019: HWGo! Laos: A Digital Storytelling Adventure. Led by Cheri Gaulke
March 2019: Sicilia: Latin Department Spring Break Trip 2019. Led by Mercedes Barletta
March 2019: Spain Spring 2019. Led by Javier Zaragoza
June 2019: 7th and 8th Grade Trip to Spain-Summer 2019. Led by Aaron Bluestein
June 2019: WLSA Summer Internship in Shanghai, China, Led by Jim Patterson
June 2019: World War II: UK, Normandy, and Berlin. Led by George Gaskin