The Munger Library

A librarian will respond quickly on school days between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Outside of those hours, you can leave a message and we'll respond as soon as we can. Thank you!

We are dedicated to supporting reading and inquiry at all times, no matter what. Please read on to learn about all that your school librarians offer, both on campus and online.

On campus

Is the library open?

Yes, the library is open on regular school days! Please check the schedule posted on the front door.

In the library, you can:

  • borrow print books!
  • return print books!
  • ask for help with research or finding something great to read!
  • sit (safely distanced) and read or study!

How can I borrow print books?

  • 1. To find the book you want, search the catalog and/or ask a librarian in person.
  • 2. Locate the book on the shelf or on a cart.
  • 3. Bring the book up to the front desk.
  • 4. Take out the circulation card in the back of the book.
  • 5. Write your first and last name, neatly(-ish).
  • 6. Leave the card in the basket!

When will books be due?

Books you borrow for a research project, or from the Reference Room, are due back your next day on campus. This is to make sure everyone gets to access the information they need for their topic.

Books you borrow for fun (fiction or nonfiction, including DEAR books) are due back in 2 weeks.



What if I can't return a book on time?

Don't stress! There are never any late fees.

We only charge to replace a book if it's missing at the end of the year, or seriously damaged. We know that books get worn out over time, and we won't blame you for that. "This book got soaked in the rain" or "My dog chewed on it" is the kind of dramatic, it-wasn't-like-that-before damage we mean here.


How do I return a book?

Leave it in the drop box at the library's front desk!




To borrow HW ebooks and audiobooks, log in with your HW username (astudent1, for example) and password.

For even more ebooks and audiobooks, use a public library card!



Use our encyclopedias and reference books, databases, and academic ebooks for your research — including for primary sources

When in doubt,ask a librarian.

Request a Title

Need a book that we don't have? Reading a book for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) that you'd like to keep longer? Let us know here!

Request a Title or extend a dear book loan

Contact a Librarian

You may also contact a specific librarian:

  • Ms. Heather Hersey ( or Ms. Jehan Giles ( regarding the Knowledge Integration & Tools for Success course ("KITS");
  • Ms. Christina Wagner-Wright ( with general library questions, with research project questions, to chat about reading, to ask about adding new titles to the collection, and more.


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